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South Gate Main Entrance



The photo above shows the South Gate entrance to the farm.  A rock road leads from the asphalt of West Church Street to the 16-foot gate.


The five-wire fence, about 6,000-feet in length, was built in 1996 and 1997 with smooth-wire and barbed-wire.  The Royse City code required smooth wire in the residential area, especially around the church.  About 3,000-feet on the south end of the farm are backed up with a single electric hot wire to keep the cattle from eating grass through the wire and pushing the fence down.


Steel pipes were welded together for the corner and gate posts.  Three-pipes, painted white, were used for the corner-posts and two-pipes for the gate-posts.  The postholes were dug with a tractor posthole digger and the steel-posts were cemented into the holes.  Six-foot long steel “T-posts” were driven about two-feet into the ground.  The south, west, and north gates are 16-foot gates.  The east gate is 10-feet.

1,700-foot Long Two-Inch Waterline


Connected to the two-inch water meter is a 2-inch 1,700-foot-long waterline that runs in a northwestern direction across the property.  Three large lever-handle faucets are located along the waterline, at about 500-feet in the middle of the south pasture, 1,600-feet near the Tool Shed, and 1,700-feet near the round-pen and cattle loading shoot.



This photo shows the southeast corner of the farm next to the church at 816 West Church Street in Royse City.

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