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In November of 2011, the farm pond was reshaped down to a depth of about 14-to-15-feet-deep and expanded to about 120-feet in length by 90-feet wide.


LEFT:  In the photo after the pond’s reconstruction, a friend, about 5-feet-10, stands near the bottom of the mostly dry pond.  He is standing almost fourteen-feet below the “full-water-mark” at the pond’s highest level.


It only took about one month of December rains to refill the pond.  The soil holds water almost like a bath tub.  Over twenty-three years of ownership, the pond has never been dry, and with an average of about 39-inches of rain annually, it rarely seems low.

While the pond needs to be restocked with fish, the pond is a perfect home to fish and birds.  Cattle, horses, and dogs always enjoy the pond’s cool water.  Ducks and other wildlife are a commons sight on or near the water.


The property taxes on the farm are calculated at the low agriculture rate, and the annual property taxes are less than $100-per-year!


With many trees, the pond trail is shaded.


LEFT:  Mother walked near the pond.

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