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Farm Address:

822 West Church Street, Royse City, Texas 75189


The farm is about 31-miles northeast of downtown Dallas, Texas, just north of Interstate 30 in Royse City.  From I-30 in Royse City, take Exit 76 on to Erby Campbell Boulevard and drive north about 4,700-feet to West Church Street.  Turn left at West Church Street and drive about 800-feet west to the farm’s South Gate.


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This website features photos of a 43.02-acre farm in Royse City, Texas, located about 31-miles northeast of downtown Dallas.  The farm is about one-mile from downtown Royce City and about 5,600-feet from the new Super Walmart on I-30!


The farm is fenced and located within the city limits of Royse City.  City water, a city sewer tap, electricity, phone, and all city services are available.  The farm has a two-inch water meter and a two-inch waterline about 1,700-feet in length.  About 41-acres are fenced, and the farm has a round-pen corral and loading chute.


A wood-frame tool building, about 200 square feet, stands near the west fence about 1,600 feet from the south gate.  The property is roughly 1,965-feet north-to-south and 1,038-feet wide.  About two-and-a-half acres from the southeast corner were donated in 1988 to the Royse City Assembly of God Church.


The city streets are paved past the church parking lot.  A rock and dirt road runs about 100-feet to the farm’s south gate, and a dirt road follows the south property line and turns north to the west gate.  The dirt road turns west and continues to Highway 1138.

The property taxes on the farm are calculated at the lower agriculture rate, so the annual property taxes are less than $100-per-year!


Beautiful tall, thick, and delicious Selection 3 coastal Bermuda grass, common Bermuda grass, and native grasses cover most of the farm.  A wooded area shades the cattle around the farm pond.


In June of 2019, the farm produced ninety (90) large round coastal Bermuda grass hay bales.  In a typical year, two hay cuttings could produce close to 200-hay bales depending on rainfall.  Grazing cattle could increase the farm’s production.  Horses and cattle love this high protein and mostly weed-free hay!

For more information, contact Realtor Wayne Burgdorf at SVN/Trinity Advisors.

Cell:  817-726-8586  or  Office:  817-288-5556

Email Wayne:  wayne.burgdorf@svn.com.

This is an agricultural and informational website displaying information about Karl Woods’ Farm in Royse City, Texas.  Any and all real estate inquiries should be directed to Realtor Wayne Burgdorf at SVN/Trinity Advisors.


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