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North is at the top.  Copyright © Google Earth 2019.  Used with permission from
Google Earth.

The Karl Woods Farm


This photo to the left shows in RED the approximate exterior FENCE LINE around the farm.  The property line is marked in YELLOW.  The farm pond is identified.  The church next-door is shown, as are the north, east, south, and west gates.


The 10-by-20-foot wood-frame Tool Shed is near the west fence line and one water faucet.  A third water faucet on the two-inch water line is near the Round Pen and Loading Chute.


A rock, brick, asphalt, broken-concrete, and dirt single lane driveway crosses the property and runs up to the tool-shed.  The driveway is shown in purple.  The two-inch water line runs along the driveway for about 1,700-feet to the round pen.  The sewer tap is near the west gate; it was connected to the Royse City sewer system in October of 2000, and it is ready to be used.


The pond was cleaned and deepened in 2011.  Over more than two-decades of farm ownership, the farm pond has never been dry.  The runoff from an average-annual rainfall in east Texas of about 39-inches keeps the pond mostly full of water.


The usually dry “Pond Branch Creek” is located inside the northeast corner of the property and outside the fence line.  During a big rainstorm, the creek will flow with water, but for most of the year, the creek is dry.

The Farm’s Dimensions


The right photo shows in yellow the approximate boundary lines of Karl Woods’ Farm in Royse City. 

The farm contains 43.02-acres.


At the top of the photo, the north property line is 1,043.29-feet long west to east.


Moving clockwise, the longer east side property line runs 1,638.81-feet north to south, over a quarter-mile.


The long south property line is 540.41-feet east to west.


The shorter east side property line is 326.79-feet north to south, longer than 100-yards.


The short south property line is 498.80-feet east to west.


The longer west side property line is 1,056.28-feet long south to north.  The west property line turns west 90-degrees for 37.15-feet and quickly turns north.


The shorter west side property line is 919.75-feet long, greater than three 100-yard football fields. 


West Church Street is paved to the church.  A rock road goes to the south gate.  The location of the Collin-Rockwall County line is marked with the green line.  About two-and-a-half acres of farm land were donated to the church in 1988.


North is at the top.  Copyright © by Google Earth.  Used with permission
from Google Earth.

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